Thursday, October 16, 2014

How to insert Dhananjayaweb font / Gossip Lanka News font to Blogger

Adding the Dhananjayaweb font in your blog

Here in search of obtaining Sinhala font then square measure in all probability a blogger from Sri Lanka or Blogging therein language, as a result of Sri Lankan's wanting it on their diary notice it tough to induce an ideal answer. Adding the css enter your diary. If you open the link to href you may notice, It's as a result of we have a tendency to are not loading the font file. hypertext mark-up language given higher than you would like to initial access your hypertext mark-up language of your page, follow the steps to feature it.

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Add above css in your template And paste the HTML given just above/berfore

To add the 
 HTML given above you need to first access your HTML of your page, follow the steps to add it.

01. Go to Blogger Dashboard 
02. Select the Template tab
03. Click Edit HTML and Proceed
04. Use CTRL+F to find
And paste the HTML given just above/berfore

Change the font Family in your blogger template

Code tell the browser to load a specific font (this time it's Sinhala) you have to define a CSS.

You can create the entire body (full page) font to Dhananjayaweb font or the other font or may also create solely the post space to be in Sinhala, it's utterly depends on the CSS selector. If you recognize however CSS selectors works then you'll be able to sight the category or id of part on page and so modification the selector.

If you do not have any plan regarding the selector then these 2 totally different CSS can assist you.

* Dhananjayaweb font or any other sinhala font only in Bog post area
.post-body {
font-family: Dhananjayaweb;
* Dhananjayaweb font or any other sinhala font nn full page
body {
font-family: Dhananjayaweb;

Now every thing all right. Enjoy it.